File:Wipeout logo.png
The WipEout Racing Series is the first Series of the popular forum game presented by Rami Saidy and hosted by RaceDepartment.

==Teams and Drivers==
24 drivers and 12 teams will contest in the first season.

Team No. Race drivers
Latest (17) FEISAR 1 File:US.png Mohammed Abidi
2 File:Uk.png Dave Stephenson
File:Bra.png Latest (12) Piranha Advancements 3 File:Uk.png Ben Herbert
4 File:Ind.png Dhafin Rizki
Flag of Russia.svg
Qirex Research and Development
5 File:Ser.png Milos Ancevski
6 File:Fin.png Joel Rautavaara
23px-Flag of Japan.svg
Anti-Gravity Systems
7 File:Uk.png Rami Saidy
8 File:Den.png Andrew Black
Latest (18)
Assegai Developments
9 File:Tur.png Omer Said
10 File:Ned.png Lesley Buurlage
23px-Flag of the United States.svg
Latest (5)
/ Auricom Research Industries
11 File:Uk.png Daniel Harvey
Latest (9)
File:Chi.gif/File:Fin.png EG-X Technologies
13 File:Gre.png Old Wolf
14 File:Uk.png Jimmy Laad
Flag of Hawaii.svg
25px Goteki 45
15 File:Aus.png Josh Noack
16 File:Ger.png Tobi Kederer
23px-Flag of Malaysia.svg
File:Mal.gif Harimau International
Latest (6)
File:Uk.png Icaras
19 File:Ina.png Gerald Chinoy
20 File:Ita.png Andrea Dovizioso
Latest (16)
File:UAE.gif Mirage
21 File:Bra.png Pablo Diehl
Latest (1)
File:Aus.png Triakis Industries
23 File:Can.png Steven Poirier
24 File:Rom.png Florin Diaconescu
The season consists of 10 races from around the globe.
Rd. Race Location Pole Position Winning Driver Team
1 Silverstream - File:Rom.png Florin Diaconescu File:Gre.png Old Wolf File:Chi.gif/File:Fin.png EG-X Technologies
2 Porto Kora - File:Eng.png Ben Herbert File:Eng.png Ben Herbert File:Bra.png Piranha Advancements
3 Terramax - File:Ser.png Milos Ancevski
4 Talon's Reach -
5 Uber Mall -
6 Odessa Keys -
7 Valparaiso -
8 Terminal -
9 Gare d'Europa -
10 Altima VII -
==Championship Standings==

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